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about monde selection

Monde Selection was founded in 1961 by International Food Committee at Brussels, Belgium to evaluate great food products. It is called "Olympic or Nobel Prize for food products" and compete for taste, quality, and design of package for food products from all over the world and give prizes for the best products.

Gold prize brown mustard Bronze prize oriental mustard

world wide mustard colection

about world mustard competition

There is a worldwide mustard competition since 1993 sponsored by National Mustard Museum in Wisconsin, US.

Over 400 mustard products from all over the world entry to the competition. People from food industries taste them and make winners in the competition. We introduced our products since 1996 and won 8 golds, 4 silvers, and 5 bronzes.  


Mustard Seed

Oriental Mustard Seed Mustard Seed with pungent taste for Karashi (Oriental Mustard)
Brown Mustard Seed Mustard seed for Coarse Grained
Yellow Mustard Seed Mustard Seed without pungent taste

Bagging styles: 0.5g-15g bag, Handy Tube bag, Jar, triangle plastic bag, 1kg container, 20kg container, etc

Products for mustard flour

Oriental mustard flour M-series: Flour without adding-color
C-series: Flour with adding-color
Yellow mustard flour Y-series:
Yellow roll series
Brown Brown roll series

Products for wet mustard

Hot Mustard Mustard with strong pungent flavor
American(Yellow)mustard Mustard with flavor of vinegar without pungent taste
Brown mustard Coarsely ground mustard
Mustard sauce Fashionable mustard based sauce

Other products

Sauce, liquid seasoning, mustard oil, mustard flavor, mustard coating, spice for medical use, and extraction of spices for medical use.