company profile The Minokyu brand greatly enlarges the world of the mustard

Aichi Plant

The man plant has eight seed bins to store low material and air-flow driers to control moisture in mustard flour for our needs. It was designed to process mustard seed for expelling oil, milling seed, and packing flour with focusing on quality.

Gifu Plant

Our Gifu plant started its wet mustard productions in April 2007.It is located at Anpachi in southwest of Gifu prefecture where is easy access to main high ways and railways. All employees at the plant are educated for food safety and are familiar with its facilities to produce high quality products.

quality control Food Safety Assurance

 As mustard manufacture in Japan, we are first company to use contracted mustard seed and to keep production records for traceability from low material. As well as, we inspect manufacturing process and end products to provide high quality products.

Sanitation Control

 Our employees go through many sanitary sections to enter our production lines. They enter air room, use clean rollers, and wash hands to avoid contamination or not to introduce foreign substance to production lines. We properly sterilize parts and tools in production lines with ethanol to eliminate bacteria.


 In order to promote sanitary inspection systems, we respect food regulation and our company policy with following international standard, ISO9001, for Aichi plant and Tokyo branch and with following FSSC22000 for Gifu plant. We constantly educate our employees to set a direction for high standard of sanitation programs. In April 2007, at Gifu prefecture we built a plant of wet mustard with HACCP standard that has a state of art facilities to focus on quality control and sanitation systems.

development of priducts New Challenge

Since our founding in 1875, we have committed to quality of products and have grown with our customers together. Mustard is said a flesh food with sensitive scent and flavor. By using traditional method and mixing mustard with special vinegar, we create delicate aroma and flavor for adding wonderful taste to all cuisines. In addition, based on our technology to develop mustard products, we provide mustard sauces, mustard seasoning, and a variety of mustard products that you can add extra flavor to your table.

business development We can be a partner with customers for mew business opportunities

 From spice to condiments, our challenge is to develop possibility of mustard for new products, not as spice for meat, but also for vegetable, that add plentiful flavor to all foods.

company outline

Company Name
Minokyu Co., LTD.
Head Office
24-1 Hongoumae Togari Hagiwara-cho
Ichinomiya-shi Aichi
491-0375 Japan
Business since
The establishment of company
Members of the directors of board
The chairman of director : Tsutomu Kato
The president of representative director : Wataru Kato
The executive director: Yasushi Kako
The chief production director: Hiroshi Kato
The accounting director: Hiroyuki Matsuzawa
The Senior Manager Director: Manabu Kato
The sales director: Hironobu Taguchi
The Director General Manager: Nobuyuki Fukui
Business Outline
Manufacture of Mustard Flour, Wet Mustard for oriental,
yellow, brown,Mustard Sauce, and Other spices
Plant and Branch
[Aichi Plant]

24-1 Hongoumae Togari Hagiwara-cho
Ichinomiya-shi Aichi 491-0375 Japan
[Tokyo Branch]
4th Floor Yamagami Building 1 Kanda-Iwamoto-cho
Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 101-0033 Japan
Phone:+81-3-6206-0309 Fax:+81-3-6206-0329
[Gifu Plant]
1636-1 Naka Anpachi-cho
Anpachi-gunGifu 503-0124 Japan
Phone:+81-584-63-0309 Fax:+81-584-63-0308
[Canada branch]
Calgary, Alberta, CANADA